Building Lifestyles

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Building Lifestyles

We are Planbuilt

Who We Are


We design and construct beautiful homes. We’re a creative team that draws from shared family values—we understand that home is always about people, connection and trust. Our business is our family.

The secret of our success is an ability to design up innovative concepts and plans, and match that in our commitment to construction excellence.

Yes, rebuilding or renovating can be an exciting venture, but it can also be a nerve-shredding task to tackle alone. At Planbuilt, the team are all designers, builders and carpenters—professionals that work with our hands every day. We know our stuff.

This collective experience means we are able to offer you an open-minded, friendly and collaborative team. We’re at your service from the start of the project to the point of satisfaction.

Working with you each step of the way, we’ll share in your enthusiasm to turn a plan into a tangible reality. We want your project to ultimately be a heart-warming experience.

What We Do


We create a new lifestyle for you, by changing the way you live.

Whether your home is a sanctuary, a showcase or simply a place to kick back and relax, we understand that you want a house that indelibly and uniquely reflects your personality. We believe in the perfect personal touch.

No matter if your home needs a minor face-lift or extreme surgery. Planbuilt is ready to help you make a positive change. Do you wish to add a second storey to create space for your growing family? Or are you ready to rebuild and change your lifestyle space completely? Build a new entertainment area, home-office or kitchen? Maybe you just want to treat the kids to a swimming pool for the summer? We can do it all. With flexibility and creativity, we are poised to offer a seamless, creative solution—now you can put more life in your style.


  • Meet The Team

    With his calm manner, cool eye for design and canny ability as a problem solver, principal Dan Miegel leads a team of
    talented craftsmen, all ready to build from plan, to create the change you want in and around the home.

    We don’t subcontract, so you can be assured that all carpenters are part of the Planbuilt team—we share the same
    professional values, unassailable work ethic and commitment to quality workmanship. All joinery, cabinetry and
    woodwork is crafted in our bustling Brookvale factory.

    With a creative team focused on your designs, you are assured of the best building for you.


    Planbuilt offers flexible planning options to suit your construction needs. We can assist at the initial concept stage or work with you when all planning is complete and you are ready to start building. Planbuilt is always happy to work with your architect on any building project.Whether you’re knocking down a wall or building a new home, our design and drafting team can integrate your ideas in a customised plan.

    Planbuilt has fostered great working relationships with engineers and certifiers to provide proposals and designs for structural and stormwater works on your property.

    We can also help you with applications for council approval and gain the all-important construction certificate. Once the building is complete, we can organise an occupation certificate. No more hassle, just seamless service.

    Planbuilt offers professional consultation. We are able to assess and advise on floor plans, structure, design and implementation.

    Principal Dan Miegel is senior consultant on all new projects, making sure clear lines of communication are kept between you, his dedicated team and other trade service providers.

    At all times a client can be assured that the crew is building within a scheduled timeframe and budget, so that the entire process runs smoothly. Dan is on hand to tackle any problems that may arise.

    A glittering swimming pool is a popular lifestyle addition for homes in Sydney, Northern Beaches and North Shore.

    The pool is the perfect place to relax on a sunny afternoon or spend time with the family on the weekend. We will make sure your pool matches the theme or style of your home—whether you want to create a sense of luxury or install a natural design in your garden.

    The kitchen is the heart of any Australian home. Planbuilt can assist you in updating your current kitchen, or giving you a fresh layout. A dream kitchen starts with a plan that gives you a beautiful design without overlooking practical needs. We can also fit your new laundry or utility space.

    Restoring your home’s bathrooms can add value to your property. We can renovate your bathroom into a haven of tranquillity, taking care of drain and plumbing lines and other structural elements.

    All our joinery is custom made in our Brookvale factory.

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    Phone: (02) 9918 5842
    Mobile: 0459 408 881

    Planbuilt Pty Ltd Builders Lic. No. 227143C
    Postal Address: Po Box 1263 Newport Beach NSW 2106
    Office Address: 3D1, 106 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW 2100